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2015: A Year in Review

January 3, 2016 · Posted in Personal

2015 was, quite frankly, the best year of my life (a bold statement, I know, but that is truly how I feel at this particular moment in time). I rang in 2015 with two goals in my mind: the first was to learn to accept myself as I am and the second was to live a healthier lifestyle. I am happy to report that I accomplished all of the goals that I set for myself in 2015 and then some. I can’t say that all 365 days of the year were filled with pure happiness, but when I look back at 2015, these will be the things that I remember:

I have not set any goals for myself in 2016, as I do not feel the need to. Not because there are no improvements to be made, there most certainly is, but because I have already laid the groundwork for the life that I want to live. Now I just need to provide myself with the proper amount of water, air, nutrients and sunlight to grow. And that is not something that can just be scribbled down in a notepad somewhere, it is a way of life. A life that is worth living.

I never thought that I would ever get to this place, but here I am. I am a completely different person than I was a year ago. I still have my moments, but I am a much more positive and loving person now. Thank you to all of the people that brought light into my life; I am eternally grateful. Thank you to all of the people that tried to tear me down; you only made me stronger. And most of all, thank you me for being you; you are one hell of an amazing guy and I am sorry that it took me so long to figure that out!


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